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Product Management Resume Checking Service


You know you have accomplished a lot in your job. But is your resume highlighting your Product Management skills?


Get resume feedback tailored to PM job applications, a video walkthrough of your results, and suggestions to improve your resume.

Sample Output

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Do you remember how getting a rejection email from your dream company feels?



"We have had a number of qualified applicants and we won't be able to continue with your candidacy at this time."



That sure is a generic email from the ATS. Does it make you wonder whether your resume  (CV) is good enough?

You know you have accomplished a lot in your job. But is your resume highlighting your Product Management skills?


Over my time as a PM coach reviewing 60+ resumes, I have seen many aspirants face this dilemma. I also saw them appreciate a personalized review of their resume. So, I gave out the secret sauce for free for analyzing their resume for PM strengths. But, aspirants balked at the effort involved. So, I built an algorithm for parsing an aspirant's resume for applying to a Product Manager role. The report explains their strengths and areas of improvement.


๐Ÿ›‘STOP reading if you are not applying to a Product Manager role. ๐Ÿ›‘

This service is not for you.

I've listed alternatives at the end, scroll down to it. โคต๏ธ

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There are dozens of resume checkers online. They won't cut it for you, a future Product Manager.


I tried 8 resume checking software and ATS tools. They analyze keywords across your resume. But that's not because it's the right thing to do. It's because none can analyze your resume bullet by bullet. Guess how a recruiter or hiring manager reads your resume? Bullet by bullet!


Online resume checkers have no idea what a Product Manager does. They have no clue what product lifecycle, customer research, prioritization, or product launch mean. Oh, but some let you measure your resume against a job description. Too bad that doesn't work either because job descriptions are light on details. So, you cannot use one to measure your resume.


If you want to change your job, you are applying to many PM jobs weekly. Do you really find it exciting to edit your resume for every job? Or would you rather have one resume that rules them all?

Not Just Software. Software and Service.


My resume-checking service includes a line-by-line review of your resume by a human. That's how a hiring manager will review it. If your bullet points do well in my resume checker, your stories will also perform well in your interviews. You can also request a video walkthrough of the resume checker result.

Here is a sample report and video walkthrough

What do you get?

You Get


โœ… Bullet-by-bullet feedback

โœ… Analysis by a PM

โœ… 3 resume checks within 60 days

โœ… Video walkthrough of the analysis (Optional)

โœ… 1-1 resume workshop (Optional)

โœ… Free hi-five when we meet in-person

You Don't Get


๐Ÿšซ Instant results. Results take 24hrs.

๐Ÿšซ Grammar and Spell Check

๐Ÿšซ Match against one job

๐Ÿšซ Analysis for other tech roles

๐Ÿšซ A polished website


Peter Tan

Even as an experienced PM who has been on a hiring committee, this resume review service has been invaluable in putting my best foot forward in such a highly competitive period. The skills scoring matrix really helped me realize where I talked too much about certain skills and to instead ensure I covered the entire toolkit that all PMs need to bring to the table. Other AI-assisted services don't have this level of detail, and the fact that a human reviews the output and creates an accompanying video explaining the findings really helps you understand how to improve. Having a bullet-by-bullet analysis to weed out weak language gives me confidence in getting past the ATS and to an actual interview. I highly recommend everyone to try this service, especially since other services charge you more and give you less!"

Interested In Analyzing Your Resume?


You can choose the service you want, pay, and submit your resume. You'll get an email confirmation.


This is a Beta version, so we are doing things that don't scale. We will email you the results within 24hrs.

We will X-ray your resume as carefully as the experts reviewing their research in the GIF. 

What are the alternatives?

Most of the alternatives are not specific to Product Managers. Nor are they looking at your bullet points. They cannot distinguish between a resume padded with 40 keywords at the bottom and a resume of Marty Cagan.


  1. ResumeGo - It will analyze the meta details of your resume, like word count, number of pages, and file size. You can upgrade to a $360 service to get your resume edited or written.

  2. Resume Worded - Starts with a free version, but is keyword centric and generic to any job. Use this to check formatting.

  3. CV Compiler - $20 for 3 checks. PM specific. But cannot analyze bullet-by-bullet. Use this to check against pre-defined jobs in Big Tech.

  4. EnhanCV - $27 per month. Enables you to create your CV from scratch. It seems you'll have to pay them anytime you come back to edit your CV.

  5. JobScan - They match your Resume against a job description. The problem is that you gain negligible value but spend a considerable amount of time editing your resume for each job you apply.

  6. Kick Resume - $20 a month for resume checker and templates. It gives you a generic score.

  7. Zety - Use for grammar and spell check. It compares your resume against one job. The same problem as JobScan.


I suggest you supplement your writing with a free online resume checker.

My resume checker will only check for Product Management specific skills and must-haves. Use other free checkers to get your grammar and spellings checked.