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Founded in 2022 by Harshal Patil, Spark Creative Technologies Limited works with B2B SaaS businesses to improve customer acquisition and retention. We bring a decade of experience in tech, including experience at Twilio and Cisco in San Francisco and Ireland. Harshal worked at Twilio during its 10x growth.
We collaborate with you for product-led growth or customer discovery. 


Harshal Patil is a marketing consultant in Dublin, Ireland.

He started working in tech 12 years ago, including at Twilio and Cisco in San Francisco and Ireland. Harshal worked at Twilio during its 10x growth from 800 to 8,000 employees. This enabled him to do many projects in getting and retaining customers. For example, he increased customer retention by reducing support requests by 40%.

Twilio is a $20B SaaS company providing communication APIs to 268,000 customers, including Uber, Shopify, Stripe, Salesforce, and Deliveroo.

Harshal studied Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology at Kanpur (It is like the MIT of India with <1% acceptance rate) and did his MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management (Los Angeles, California).


Last year, he wrote 52 blog posts, read 106 books, and built a smart home with 203 devices. But, despite taking dance classes for 5 years, his wife certifies him to be a terrible dancer. 

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We are a team of contributors led by Harshal. We're a group of people who have come together to work on the same mission: to help businesses scale and grow. We are proud to be a diverse group of contributors from 11+ countries. Our contributors include interns and freelancers spread across the globe—and if you look at our map, you'll see how far-spread we are!

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