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Product Management Job Hunt Coaching

Do you aspire to be a Product Manager or want to grow your career by leapfrogging into your new PM role?
You get help in growing your Product Management career with battle-tested tips. We have coached 50+ candidates and been through 100s of resume reviews and interviews to know the clean and coy tactics that work to get your desired PM role.

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I value feedback from every aspirant as it helps me iterate my offering for everyone.

Harshal played a crucial role in preparing me for my interviews not just once, but twice. I successfully secured my Twilio PM role two years ago. Now, as I gear up for a new opportunity, Harshal's practical frameworks have proven to be a game-changer. His unique method includes valuable feedback on not just the content of the answers but also on the tone of voice, knowing when to use highs and lows, and incorporating gestures. This helped me turn my the interview into a genuine conversation.


I really appreciate the time & effort you put into helping me find an internship. Thank you for being such a caring friend & excellent coach. You are truly a role model of pay it forward culture!


Harshal's commitment to his clients is unparalleled. Whether it was a last-minute prep question or a post-interview debrief, he was always just a message away. His readiness to support at any hour underscores not just his dedication but also his genuine interest in his clients' success. One of the most innovative aspects of Harshal's coaching was his use of Loom for sharing asynchronous video feedback.


Applying for a Product Management role? How confident are you in your resume?

Submit your resume to our Resume Checker Tool to have it checked for strengths in Product Management. We will analyze your resume and share your score and areas of improvement with you.

How Does The Coaching Work?

We've divided the Product Management job hunt into 11 steps, if you have prior PM experience. You can evaluate your progress on each part of the process below to measure your efforts.

We have grouped these into a few sessions as part of our coaching.

Steps of PM Job Hunt Process 2023_04_11.png

Company List step is offered for free with any other session(s) you purchase. Some steps in the process are grouped for the sessions.

7 sessions will cover all the topics.

If you do not have prior Product Management experience, we will schedule 2-3 sessions to cover fundamentals.

What Is In Each Session?

Each sessions includes reference material, pre-work, a meeting, and a post-work session. Think of it as a spread-out process, with a peak of the coaching session, and a long-tail of asynchronous questions.

Structure of Each Session 2023_04_11.png

Pricing and Introductory Call

€150 per session when booked individually. Prices are valid till April 30th, 2024. Book an individual session here.

Most successful candidates have an introductory call, then use a bespoke package I create to prioritize their top focus areas and ignore the rest.

Job Hunt and PM Career Tips

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