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Customer Experience Mastery For B2B SaaS 

With a decade in tech, we dive deep into your customers' journey to guide your product development.
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Discoverability Challenges? Low Upgrade Rates? Struggling with Feature Adoption?

We work with B2B SaaS products to improve customer experience. Our founder, Harshal Patil, has over 10 years of product development and management expertise. We bring a sharpened toolkit and a growth mindset to uncover solutions.

We start our collaboration by getting into the weeds with your team. We partner with you to solve the most important problems for your customers.

We will identify when, where, and how your customers can best discover you with our 3-step research process.

We will visualize your customers' journey map to guide a product-led growth strategy. We experiment, learn, and find solutions with you.

Lastly, we will determine product and process changes to improve feature adoption.


Founded in 2022 by Harshal Patil, we work with B2B SaaS businesses to improve their customer experiences. With a decade of product development and management, we understand customer journeys. We collaborate with you for product-led growth or customer discovery. We want to ensure your SaaS solution not only succeeds, but thrives.




Interim Product Leader

Interim Product Management Expertise When You Need Help - Quick.


Compliance Product Leader

PM Leadership For Burst Projects To Comply With Regulations.


Support Tickets Reduction

Bring Joy To Your Frontline Team And Customers.


"I worked with Harshal at Twilio as a, Product Manager where he produced some of the best interactive reports I have ever seen! These helped show key problems / insights as to what needed to be prioritized now."


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Case Studies

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