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Customer Acquisition For B2B SaaS

Content marketing strategy from a decade in B2B tech, including from Cisco and Twilio,
across San Francisco and Dublin.

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Are you a freemium B2B SaaS product looking to grow your revenue? We can help.

We use a refined 3-step research method to understand your customer needs deeply. We then use this understanding to guide your company’s customer acquisition and retention.

3-step research method

Proven results and testimonials

Data-driven strategy


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Support Tickets Reduction

Bring Joy To Your Frontline Team And Customers.

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Create Product Roadmap

Prioritize the right features and fixes on your roadmap.

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Content Pipeline

Scale your content to help customers discover you.


Founded in 2022 by Harshal Patil, we work with B2B SaaS businesses to improve their customer acquisition and retention. We bring a decade of experience in tech, including experience at Twilio and Cisco in San Francisco and Ireland. Harshal worked at Twilio during its 10x growth, which enabled him to do many projects, including improving customer retention by reducing support tickets by 40%.

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