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"Harshal is a self-starter that thrives with projects that lack clear up-front definition, and is able to navigate complex organizations to accomplish his objectives. I found that he was able to integrate himself into the team, understand the project and deliver value very quickly – while also building a strong network within the organization.
The project he stepped into was loosely defined, where Harshal spent time evaluating the market and competitors before framing a hypothesis and building a comprehensive and thorough assessment/recommendation. I found that he was very diligent, organized and his presentations found the right balance of summary and detail, whether presenting to marketing teams, engineering teams or executives. Any organization would benefit from the intangibles and strong work ethic that Harshal brings every day."

Jeff Foster
ex-Director, Product | Microsoft

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"Harshal was constantly consuming customer feedback, at the time he would actively engage with any feedback that came in related to billing. Harshal was also constantly willing to engage customers directly to troubleshoot issues and query feedback. To me, this is the essence of a good PM--engaging customers.

He was not one to stick so hardily to a path that there is no way to change course. He was strategic, but flexible enough to change how he was developing our products, and prioritizes based on customer measures. Harshal uses data in aggregate, along with qualitative measures, when making all his decisions. 

He wasn't satisfied with "good enough," and set bold goals when trying to reduce issues for customers. 

He also worked cross functionally with support, sales, CSM, and customer experience to ensure he was receiving good data and identifying trends by evaluating data from multiple sources. All in all, he represents a customer obsessed Product Manager!"


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"""Harshal is exactly the type of partner you want in a Product org. He digs into data and customer feedback to uncover root cause and he is unafraid of complexity (like billing!) He approaches problems with genuine curiosity and brings ease and confidence to every conversation.
CX will sometimes ask PMs or ops teams to attend a “Close the Loop” conversation to empathize with customers or serve as a subject matter expert. Harshal joined me on one such call, and the customer remarked, “Right now I feel like I'm the only client that you guys have,” as he clearly talked through the situation and helped find them a solution. However, he doesn’t stop there; he seeks to solve the problem at scale, using ticket and survey data to better understand the problem from all angles."""


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"I was impressed by his professionalism, work ethics, structured approach to problem solving and interpersonal skills. He was able to work through some difficult analysis work after being provided early direction. I strongly recommend Harshal and he will be an asset to any product management organization."


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"Harshal embodies all of the great qualities you want in a product manager./leader. He was instrumental in the successful delivery of many projects. The projects/features he led were complex and had broad scope. He was extremely good at breaking these complex problems down into manageable pieces and he dove deep to understand the customer experience.
Harshal was someone that all of our stakeholders trusted very early on - the #1 trait a product manager should have. He worked very well cross-functionalty with our tax, billing operations, customer experience, accounting and other product teams to drive alignment on cross-functional initiatives. He is a leader.
Lastly, Harshal is always ready to help provide support to his colleagues, peers, leadership, and stakeholders across the org. We had him start "Harshal's Academy" for our Business Unit because he quickly became a mentor for newer team members and held brown bag sessions to teach all team members how to use tools available to us, google analytics, how to conduct a customer interview and how to use our data tool Looker. He is a data wizard!! He always had data and metrics to backup his opinions and reasons for taking a product in a certain direction. I strongly recommend him and would work with him again if I had the opportunity!" 




"For every project that we’ve worked together on, Harshal makes it a priority to involve customers at the problem or solution validation stages. He reaches out directly to customers he has already built relationships with and to customer proxies like CSMs, AEs, and support in order to really put himself in the shoes of the customer. I’ve always felt confident solving customer problems with Harshal because we gain that first-hand perspective from the customers themselves. Harshal will roll up his sleeves and do all the legwork to get in touch with customers and handle all the logistics of setting up meetings, taking notes, and synthesizing what we learn from them. He really exemplifies approaching Product from a customer-centric perspective and I have enjoyed collaborating with him in creating solutions that we have no doubt are solving tough customer pain points."



"Harshal's outstanding product perspective, analytical skills (i.e., his Google sheet mad skills), and abilities to muster a team... is truly something to commend! His work ethics are also exceptional."



"Harshal possesses a unique combination of attention to detail, excellent communication and solid work ethic. This combination leads Harshal to persistently focus on understanding customer problems in detail, be it via interviews or data analysis and develop key insights. With his attention to detail Harshal is able to understand engineering perspectives well and is able to create the bridge to solve customer problems using engineering. With his excellent communication skills and solid work ethic; Harshal goes above and beyond his area of immediate ownership to help the project out and makes himself available for any questions to ensure success of the project. Harshal is quite humble which enables him to successfully facilitate conversations and discussions between different parties and fill the gaps. Any company or team will be absolutely fortunate to have Harshal on their side." 




"Three key factors worked well. First, analytics was crucial for our success. Harshal gathered and analyzed data to help us make informed decisions. Second, his communication was structured, which helped keep everyone on the same page and towards the same goals. Finally, the importance of being fair and sensitive in his approach, demonstrating empathy and understanding towards others. These qualities helped to build trust and respect within our team and fostered a positive working environment." 



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"I worked with Harshal at Twilio as a Product Manager, where he produced some of the best interactive reports I have ever seen! These helped show key problems/insights as to what needed to be prioritized now. I’m impressed by his work ethic, ability to adapt to any situation or business problem and to get the job done. 
It was always a pleasure working with Harshal, and I would highly recommend him as I am confident he would positively impact any Product Management role." 



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"I had the joy of working with Harshal on several cross-functional projects at Twilio. As a product manager on the Billing team, Harshal kicked off projects with a structured approach to solving problems. His customer-centric method produced results. For example, he walked the customers' shoes by analyzing customer data to gain insight. In other words, Harhal's data-driven approach and strong execution skills changed our billing methods, which lead us to positive results for Twilio's bottom line. 

It is rare to come across someone as dedicated, sharp, and talented as Harshal. Overall, he has incredible communication skills, attention-to-detail, and strategic thinking. I would not hesitate to work with him again. He is reliable and collaborates with confidence and humility. He will always go the extra mile to produce results." 



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